Photography Styles - What Is Yours?
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Photography Styles - What Is Yours?

Many times brides are confused by all of the different types of wedding photography styles.
Could you even name all of the different types if you had to? Would you know what type you were looking at if you are looking at a portfolio? When I was a bride, I had no clue! It is my goal to simplify the confusion.
I will give just enough education about each style to help you better define your style and your look.
Knowing what type of photography style you want for your big day will help you pick a photographer (one of your biggest decisions).
The bride, groom, and wedding party/guest are highly 'posed'.
For this type of look, the bride and groom must be prepared for a lot of intervention on the photographer's part.
Most likely the bride and groom will not be models; therefore they won't know how to pose like that naturally.
Remember that photographers are on a time limit.
They have to get their shots in the time you allotted so you can continue on with your wedding day.
In some cases, the photographer could be confused with a film director - constantly giving directions to organize and pose individuals or entire groups to obtain the desired traditional look.
The younger generation sometimes considers the finished photography out of date or style.
The more mature generation will be very pleased with the finished product.
Modern brides may also feel that this style is very stuffy and stiff.
As a result, they don't clearly depict the air of happiness and fun that is part of many weddings nowadays.
CONTEMPORARY WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY: This style is much less formal.
It is meant to be informal and relaxed leaving room for spontaneity.
The photographer will capture the spirit of fun and a some formal moments.
There will minimal posing so less intervention on the photographer's part.
This style will be completely unique to "you".
There will never be two weddings just the same.
Because of the individually this style continues to gain in popularity.
The photographer will search for great backdrops (inside and outside) with the goal of producing very stylize photos that would resemble something like you would see in a magazine.
DOCUMENTARY WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY: This style is very 'hands-off'.
The photographer assumes the 'fly on the wall' position capturing events as they actually unfold, detail by detail.
The photographer's goal is to be unnoticed and hide in the background so that you unaware that you are being photographed.
There would be very little posing or organizing to achieve most of the desired wedding photos.
Because of this, this style is gaining in popularity.
The newlyweds are free to enjoy their day and not be bothered by photos.
The result? Candid, unusual shots that you wouldn't expect to see in the traditional or contemporary styles.
There is a huge 'WOW' factor associated because you haven't figured out what each photo is going to look like because of the posing.
EX: a sweet kiss between bride and groom could be photographed and they not even know.
The only down side is that you really don't know what you are going to get.
But if you like surprises, this could be a plus! 4.
ARTISTIC/PHOTOJOURNALISTIC WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY: This style allows the photographer to be the 'artist'.
Each set of wedding photos will be unique and trendy or cutting edge.
Intervention by the photographer can vary based on the desired end result.
Within this style a photographer looks to capture the things that a bride or groom may miss or never see because they are the center of attention.
This is designed to tell a story - the story of your wedding day.
It encompasses the essence and feeling of each smile or tear.
EX: Dad sees his little girl all dressed up before she walks down the isle to marry her future hubby.
Dad may lift her veil and kiss her on the forehead and whisper a few short words in her ear.
This moment could be captured and preserved as a cherished memory.
EX: All of the bridesmaids and the bride are gathered in the room dressing.
Each is putting on the finishing touches and admiring how beautiful the bride is.
Tasteful photos would be gathered as they dress, fix their hair, and apply makeup.
Again, these are moments that most will never see but they are part of the preserved memories.
Each set of photos will be individualized, very stylish, and unique to each bride.
Some brides may consider this 'risky'.
The way to overcome this is to check out the portfolio for each photographer.
Hopefully as you search for the RIGHT photographer, you will be confident in knowing what look you want.
This will help you determine if the photographer you want to hire is capable of photographing your wedding in that style.
Remember: it's your wedding and your style!

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