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Wealth Building - Franchise Corporations Use the Power of Duplication - You Can Too

Some of the most powerful corporations in this country are franchise companies like McDonald's, Starbucks, Burger King and Domino's Pizza.
They increase their sales by a simple process of duplication, that is, by opening more stores around the nation and globe they build a network of locations that cumulatively grow in revenue.
Few people have the money, however, to buy a franchise, speaking nothing to the fact of building a chain of them.
There is a wealth building system that comes close to this process, though, that any individual, regardless of financial status, can consider undertaking when thinking of starting a business.
This is called network marketing.
In this system of business building there are no physical locations to lease, inventory to stock, employees to hire or capital investments to make.
Experience is not required and there are little if any start-up fees.
In addition, operating costs are extremely low, and there is free training and support.
For the person who wants to benefit from the power of big business franchise building, there is another alternative--duplication in the form of creating a network of independent business owners, each in turn having their own organizations.
Network marketing is often misunderstood.
The first thing that often comes to many people's minds is the likely phrase, "it's a pyramid," meaning that pejoratively speaking, the people at the top make all the money, or "you have to get in at the beginning or you won't make anything.
" It is hard to think of any corporate setting, though, where the people at the bottom make the money and the executives are struggling to earn a living.
The big difference in network marketing is that each associate has the potential to make more money than any individual in the company.
It doesn't matter when a person begins in the business because each person, in essence, IS the beginning.
The business if forever created anew with the entry of each new person.
There is another very important fact to digest.
People form networking groups all around the country in order to share wealth creating ideas, make new connections, plan business strategies to increase profits, and for any number of other reasons.
Networking, thus, is a powerful way to team up with others and get things done.
If you are looking for a wealth building vehicle consider one in which your own efforts can be duplicated exponentially.
Do some homework on network marketing companies and come to your own conclusions.
These are not get rich quick schemes, but they are ways to build wealth over a period of several years.
It all depends on you.

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