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How to Replace a 1996 Honda Accord Electric Window Motor


    • 1). Remove the Phillips screw that secures the door handle. It is located behind a small plastic cover. Pull the door handle open and slide the bezel out from behind the handle.

    • 2). Remove the screw located in the bottom of the pull handle on the arm rest. Slide the plastic cover out of the arm rest.

    • 3). Insert a standard screwdriver in the bottom of the door panel between the door frame and door panel. Pull outward on the screwdriver to pop the clip out. Pop the rest of the clips out around the door panel by inserting your hand and pulling outward.

    • 4). Remove the plastic mirror cover at the front of the door panel by prying it out with a standard screwdriver. Slide the door panel up to remove it from the channel at the top of the door frame. Set it to the side.

    • 5). Remove the moisture barrier from the door frame. Lower the window until the mounting bolts are accessible. One bolt will be in the large hole at the back of the door and the other will be visible in a small, round access hole toward the front of the door.

    • 6). Remove the two bolts that secure the window to the window regulator. Stand next to the inside of the door. Hold the glass with both hands and slide the rear of the glass upward while tilting the front down.

    • 7). Slide the glass out of the door frame by pulling it upward and out through the inside of the window frame. Place the glass in a safe location.

    • 8). Disconnect the electrical connector for the window motor. Remove the bolts that secure the window regulator to the door frame. Remove the bolts that secure the window motor.

    • 9). Slide the regulator and motor out of the large hole at the bottom-rear of the door. Remove the three bolts that secure the window motor to the regulator.


    • 1). Position the window motor on the regulator and install the three bolts. Slide the assembly into the hole in the door frame and line up the bolt holes. Install the bolts in the motor and regulator.

    • 2). Insert the glass into the door frame and line up the bolt holes on the regulator and window glass. Install the two bolts. Reconnect the window motor electrical connector. Roll the window up and down several times to ensure it operates smoothly.

    • 3). Replace the moisture barrier. Install the door panel by lowering it onto the lip of the door frame at the top. Push the door panel clips into the door frame.

    • 4). Install the arm rest handle and screw. Slide the door handle bezel over the handle and install the screw. Replace the mirror cover.

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