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Did This Number Help A Dog Conquer His Fear?

A friend of mine owns a red setter named Chester.
Chester is 12 years old and needed to go in for an op three days ago because he had a tumor growing in his mouth.
When my friend told me about this I suggested she'd help him calm down before surgery by using a number out of Grigory Grabovoi's Russian Healing System.
I had been using those numbers on my self and my pets with great success for a few month and hoped that the number would do some good for poor old Chester too.
Russian healer Grigory Grabovoi uses numbers as well as certain mental exercises to support the healing of his human clients.
His aim is to provide easy to use self help methods for the good of the individual as well as the planet as a whole.
One of his numbers 71 0 42 is supposed to harmonize the present and I thought it would be useful for Chester but I never expected what my friend told me the next day.
Chester, who had always been ultra afraid of the vet had just walked into the practice without any problem at all! His owner was most surprised when she saw him get out of the car following her into the vet's practice at once.
On prior visits he had always done his very best not to be taken into the office because he was so scared of the things that might happen to him there.
Whether my friend's concentration on the harmonizing number caused her to relax which in turn helped her dog's confidence or whether the number itself had some effect on Chester remains an open question but without the trace of a doubt the old dog felt safe in the presence of a vet for the first time in his life! I thought this wonderful result is worth sharing with you - it seems to be another one of those small mind - over matter dog healing miracles that all of us need so badly at times.

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