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How to Get Rid of Snails on Aquarium Plants

    • 1). Place a piece of lettuce, cucumber or cabbage in a small, clean glass jar. A miniature salt or pepper shaker works particularly well, according to Aquarium Fish.

    • 2). Submerge the jar in the aquarium. Position it on the bottom and make sure the opening is clear so snails can get in.

    • 3). Turn the lights off, and leave the baited jar in the aquarium overnight.

    • 4). Remove the jar in the morning and dispose of the snails that have gathered inside and on it. Throw them away rather than trying to crush the shells, because the shells can puncture the skin and cause infection, according to Fish Friend.

    • 5). Repeat as needed until you see few or no snails. You may need to use vegetable bait periodically if you notice the snail population growing again.

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