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History Of The Cello Instrument - Top 3 Cellists In History

The tradition and popularity of string instruments comes from 9th century when lira was the only instrument that made the old Greeks dance and sing in every occasion. However, the history of the cello instrument begins in 16th century when it looked practically the same as violin, only larger.

Its first maker was Andrea Amati and his member of the family was dedicated to this wonderful instrument. Cello is somewhere between violin since it can't produce so high tones and violone, because it can't go too low either. The cello players are those who actually made this instrument so popular, and though it's hard to measure their performances and popularity, there are three names that will be known forever.

1. Gaetano Braga

Definitely the legend in history of the cello instrument, thanks to his compositions and operas. His most popular piece of art is "Serenata" that is also known as "Angel's serenata" which the dialogue between daughter who hears the angel's voice and mother who is worried for her. His piece was mentioned in many other works, for example in Anton Chekhov's short story "The Black Monk".

2. Pablo Casals

He is Spanish cellist and conductor who made a lot of recordings during the career but the most popular may be the Bach "Cello Suites". His discography includes almost fifty years, and some of his most popular compositions he played are from Schumann, Schubert, Edgar, Brahms, Beethoven and many others. He left a huge legacy behind him, so there is The International Pablo Casals Cello Competition in Kronberg and Frankfurt; in Puerto Rico there is a Casals' festival celebrated every year, and in Montserrat there is centenary statue in his honour.

3. Yo-Yo Ma

He is contemporary cellist, virtuoso and orchestral composer who has won a lot of awards and his unique playing style leaves everyone breathless. The critics said that his style is mostly omnivorous and that he relies on electric rather than classical repertoire. Better said, his playing style is mix of everything for everyone's taste. His most notable performances are when he performed with Condoleezza Rice, then with John Williams and the funeral marsh for the Senator Edward M. Kennedy. It's interesting that he appeared in many television series and other media events, but what really makes that history of the cello instrument are his many awards, such as Presidential Medal of Freedom, Grammy Awards in six different categories, National Medal of Arts and many others.

The history of cello instrument will never stop changing, but it will always have the touch of tradition and the best cellists and compositors of all times. Whether you are playing on the classical of electrical cello, you contribute to the world of artistes and those who enjoy this sound.

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