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Rock Climbing Gear

Rock climbing is an exiting sport that provides climbers with adrenalin rushes, and the feeling of freedom.
Rock climbing is well known all over the world, and a climb begins at the bottom of a large mountain or rock and finishes at the top.
As exiting as rock climbing is, it should not be taken lightly and every effort to protect your safety should be taken.
Special climbing equipment is necessary before attempting to do a rock climb.
If you are going rock climbing for the first time it is advisable to let other people like family and friends know where you are going and how long you expect to be away for, that way if you run into any trouble or are injured it will be easier to rescue you.
Another good idea is to go rock climbing with an experienced climber who knows a lot about the sport and the area that you will be climbing in, especially if you are not experienced, or this will be your first climb.
Safety is the most important step in rock climbing.
If you don't know anyone that can take you out rock climbing, then it is a good idea to enlist into a rock climbing classes, that way you will receive excellent tutoring and gain the skills and information on the appropriate rock climbing equipment needed to climb safely.
There are also many excellent books on rock climbing and equipment that will help you understand the dynamics of the sport and give you an idea of the type of experiences that can be enjoyed by rock climbers.
The rock climbing equipment that is used to make rock climbing safe and enjoyable are: oRock shoes, these are designed to give the climber maximum grip, these special shoes are priced at around $100 prices vary depending on the style chosen.
oHarnesses are used to protect the climber from falling and are generally priced at around $50 or more depending on the type of harness chosen.
oRock climbing packs provide the rock climber all the tools that are needed these are priced for around $80-$100, some of the equipment included in these packs are, harnesses, webbing and slings.
oRopes, are used to provide protection from falling, they usually sell for around $100.
oChocks of various sizes.
oClimbing toolbox, these are created to store extra equipment like extra picks, screws and crampons.
A climbing tool box will cost around $30 or more There are many different types of climbing activities available and there are likewise many different types of rock climbing equipment and accessories available.
The best way to determine what equipment will be needed for the type of rock climbing that you will be doing is to ask an experienced climber or take classes.

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