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Prance Around in Tory Burch Ballet Flats

Ballet flats were inspired by ballet slippers which originated in the 1600s for the dance form of ballet. They were briefly overshadowed by heels but soon became popular again. After being endorsed by many celebrities like Bridgette Bardot to the more recent Amy Winehouse and Sofia Coppola, ballet flats are a must have for women today.

If you are tired of wearing heels and just want to give your feet a much deserved rest, you can choose a pair of ballet flats for yourself. Tory Burch ballet flats come in different colors all with the Tory Burch monogram and cost between 200 and 300 dollars. The Reva ballet flat collection has been named after Tory's mother Reva. They look great with different styles of clothes from cropped pants to full length trousers and dresses to shorts, they complement every style. You can go for a neutral color for a feminine look or one with a splash of color for a bolder statement.

You can buy your Tory Burch ballet flats from their official website. You can subscribe to this site as this will give you faster checkouts and you will also be able to track your orders. You can also create a wish list for your shopping or to send your friends. This website advertises free shipping on orders above 300 dollars. They also advertise seasonal sales which are for a limited time only but you can get great discounts. The best part is that you don't have to worry about the authenticity of the shoes you are buying.

There are also sales events advertised on Tory Burch's Facebook page. You can find your Tory Burch ballets flats on such events at great prices. While shopping on Facebook or the Tory Daily app, you can get free express shipping on all purchases. Check the returns policy. You can use the pre-paid return label to return any product that has been mistakenly shipped in the wrong size or color. The shoes must not be worn or they will not be accepted.

If you shop from other online stores do make sure they are authentic and do not sell you fakes. Always check their return policy so that if a fake is shipped to you, you are eligible for a return since they did advertise an original product.

You can easily distinguish an original pair of Tory Burch ballet flats from a copy. Look at the material used and the way the lettering is done in the monogram. The monogram is possibly the best way to be able to tell a fake apart because there will always be some little mistake in it. Besides that, look at the material of the metal monogram or any metal buckles. They should be of a solid metal and not flimsy. You can also see a difference in workmanship; a copy will never be of the same quality as an original.

Order your Tory Burch ballet flats and have an original pair delivered to you. Prance around in style!

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