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How to Divide a Purple Coneflower

    • 1). Dig around the entire circumference of the purple coneflower clump with a sharp spade or shovel. Loosen the roots by rocking the spade or shovel back and forth as you go.

    • 2). Insert the spade deeply under the plant, then lift the entire clump of purple coneflowers. Retain as many of the roots as possible.

    • 3). Brush off the excess dirt so you can see the roots. Use your spade or a sharp knife to cut the clump into smaller clumps. Clumps large enough to fit in a quart- or gallon-sized container will have plenty of root and will establish easily in a new location. Place the small clumps in a cool, shady spot until you've prepared the new planting location.

    • 4). Remove and discard any old, woody sections from the center of the original clump. Replant the clump and water deeply.

    • 5). Prepare a sunny spot with well-drained soil for the small purple coneflower clumps. In hot, sunny climates, purple coneflower benefits from light shade during the afternoon.

    • 6). Dig a hole large enough to accommodate the clump. Plant each clump at the same soil depth as it was planted in its original spot.

    • 7). Water the newly-planted purple coneflower plants immediately. Keep the soil lightly moist until new shoots emerge. Thereafter, purple coneflower is drought-tolerant but will benefit from a deep watering every few days during hot, dry weather. Water deeply enough to saturate the roots, then don't water again until the soil dries.

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