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The Psychology of Losing Your Home - Make The Best Decision For Your Family

Has your home become a burden? A cause of stress on you and your family? This article will help you find the perspective needed to make the best decision for you and your family! Definition of a home: A place you love A place for your family to gather Your neighbors are friends You have painted yourself or added your own touches It is close to your favorite restaurant, favorite stores and friends Definition of a house: 4 walls 4 bedrooms & two bathrooms 2 car garage Swimming Pool Neutral Colors Do you see my point? If you are struggling to pay for your "home", it needs to become a "house".
Only when it becomes a "house", will you be able to make a good financial decision for your family.
Only once in your mind your home becomes a house, will the decision of what to do become clear.
There are several options for homeowners who can no longer afford their homes.
The most common option is a short sale- you choose to sell your home and get out from under the burden of the home mortgage payments.
Loan modification is an option- but generally only if you have steady income- even then the percentage of loan modifications that become permanent is about 5% of all that apply.
You and your family deserve a "home".
But, the house you are currently living, may not be that "home".
If you were able to get rid of the burden of your current house, how would you feel? AMAZING! Like a weight was lifted off your shoulders! Why not think of your home as a house, have a great Real Estate Agent find you another home- nearby! This will be a fresh start for you and your family.
There is no reason to struggle.

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