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Bug Check "Our most popular product... brings you the best..." -SmartPak Equine® Better than sprays or chemicals and less expensive! Works around the clock, even at night-when mosquitos are at their worst. 2 lbs 10 lbs 30 lbs 50 lbs No more sprays, no more chemicals! Just a small amount of Bug Check each day on the feed will significantly reduce the fly population and help repel other biting insects. With mosquitoes being involved in the spread of West Nile this product is greatly needed by every horse. Thiamine (B1), a major component of Bug Check, has been clinically proven to repel mosquitoes even in people. Also contains garlic, which repels bugs, as well as diatomaceous earth, both of which deter internal parasites. Grape Seed meal, one of the most super antioxidants known to man, fortifies the skin and gut, making your horse more resistant overall. Also great for boarding horses because unlike chemical "feed throughs" it will work regardless of whether or not all horses are on it. This product won most innovative health care product for Equitana 2001!

This is a great product for your horse! Horses LOVE this product! Check it out, see what others are saying about this great product! Testimonies are online on the website. This is just one of many of the great products that The Natural Horse Vet Dr. Dan Moore has put together! Dr. Dan is a truly all natural Horse Vet that people all over the United States has come to love!

Dr. Dan is the Natural Horse Vet!

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