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Web development is fast pace, growing industry and has picked up at very fast speed with time. Development of these web development industries, companies, firms is streamlined with growth and advancement in technology, there is simultaneous growth of the web development companies. Whether you are looking for a simple static, HTML based website or flash-driven website with sophisticated design these companies have all to offers you. Designers, programmers and other IT professionals are very well equipped with latest tools and technologies. Open source has provided a hassle free programming and debugging as a result detecting bugs and fixing them in real time is not a problem these days. Web development in layman term is defined as developing a website for web, internet or WWW. No need to think and wait! at every door step you will find website design and development companies that offers B2B open source solutions, B2C website development, portal development solutions, ecommerce storefront development, dynamic websites development, database migration services or website migration services from static to dynamic sites. Customization of website has become simple and easy, many CMS provide free templates to choose from and this does not require much technical know-how, you can do all on your own as these are self explanatory and very easy to handle. These web site development companies are also providing web marketing and consulting services and web site maintenance. 

People often include design and development into one shell but web development is entirely different from web design but both are very closely related. Developers, designers these days pay more attention on designing and developing SEO friendly website so that down the line web site can be easily optimized for search engines. SEO friendly websites easily gain ranking in SERPs and your website visibility improves for your specific service or product you offer in your targeted regions and globally. Web development is the hard core of the website but at certain point do considers web design coding, server configuration, common gateway interface, content development, flash development, interactive flash multimedia design.

Open source web design development, open source development solutions are widely acceptable these days because source code is available free and open for editing, developers are free to amend code and upload web pages dynamically in real time. Microsoft technology restricts programmers and developers to make updation on their own and need to wait for the in between processes for approval ultimately we find more time consumption in version release but open source provide developers broader scope by providing free code. LAMP (Linux-OS; Apache-Web Server; MySQL-Database Server; PHP-Programming Language) is one of the tools that are widely used because it comes bundled and is free of cost. WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) helps users to make changes and all the changes are reflected instantly in real time. Website development companies are using Microsoft technologies, open source tool, RIAs to develop web applications and desktop applications with rich functionalities and interactivity. Online shopping websites are gift of these advance technologies. Amazon book store, yahoo store, social networking sites are few of them. Also, open source content management systems (CMS) have helped developers concentrate on core activities as content i.e. files, videos, audios, documents, etc. can be easily managed by its administrator and users, with out depending on developers to upload any change. Social media networks and communities are outcome of open source technologies like web 2.0, LAMP.

Web development companies have made their good stake in the IT market and these companies help wide range of industries that span across range of domain and verticals to make their brand, corporate identity and hit the market sphere. These companies are client and customer focused and put their best to improve your return on investment (ROI) and their client retention rate. Offshore outsourcing of web development services to offshore and onsite clients have brought big brand players and small and mid sized companies on a common platform and all are today able to enjoy benefits of outsourcing. Development time is most important factor in web development cycle; agile development methodology, extreme programming, model view controller and rational unified process are some of the development methodologies used. Project outsourcing to India is unavoidable these days because of the India offers least risk in development; availability of rich resource, cheap labor, good infrastructure all together makes India most preferable outsourcing destination.

Inspite of all the hassle, tangents and curves in web development path which are drawn with technological advancement these web development companies are developing tangible web solutions and has traversed its trajectory path to move ahead with projectile force.

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