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How To Manage Your Craft Supplies?

Its always a great idea to design your very own scrapbook and personalized cards. But sometimes, the organization of craft supplies becomes a menace. If you are one of those people in UK who have a lot of craft supplies such as paste, scissors, markers, and pencils and having troubles organizing them, you might want to start sorting your things so you can make better use of them.

First of all collect all the craft supplies that you have. You may get frustrated with the time you have to spend in looking for your craft supplies. Take your time to gather every material you have. After you have gathered your things, throw away the things you don't need. Dried up glues and watercolor, or tiny scraps etc. those are no more usable. Keep only those things you can still use.

Then sort all the things you have gathered into smaller groups. Sort the items according to their type- glue sticks, paste, and scissors can be kept in one jar, while decorative things like stickers and watercolors can be kept together. You can also keep things according to how you use them.

Now you have to decide where you want keep your craft supplies. Ideally, you should keep your supplies in a place where you usually do your activity. If you have a lot of small items like buttons and beads, you should keep them together in a tackle box which has several compartments where you can store your items.

The tackle box should be closed tightly so there would be no spilling of items. You may also store your crafts in a purse especially the knitting materials etc. if you are on the go. If you have scrapbooking paper design or similar materials, you can use a filing system to store them. Have them stand on a drawer so you can easily sort them and glance at what you need.

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