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Knowing your wine

Wine is considered to be the classiest of drink and is said to be the drink of the French! Wines are extremely popular as they are not very high on alcohol content and can be enjoyed by people with a low appetite for hard drinks. Also, wines taste a lot better than most if the drinks and are immensely good for health.

However, the pleasure of drinking the classiest drink is only when you know what kind of wine suits your taste. Also, opting for a good quality wine becomes extremely important to accentuate the experience of having a nice drink with your loved ones! There are several factors that affect your choice and taste of your wine:

•Weather conditions in which wines are produced, affect the wine qualities. •Wines coming from different regions also taste differently. •Some wines better with age while some worsen with age. •Weather conditions in which wines are stored also affect wine tastes. •Wine tastes differently with different food items! Lighter wines go best with light foods, while full bodied wines are best to be had with dense meats! In case of spicy food, opt for a sweeter wine to create a lovely meal for yourself!

You need to evaluate wine's colour, bouquet, palate and aftertaste. Wines that are produced under less than perfect harvest will be less intense than those picked under ideal conditions. You should hold your wine glasses against a white backdrop to determine the colour of your wine. Hold your wine glass by its stem to avoid obscuring its colour and warming your wine. Check if your wine colour is bright or flat, clear or cloudy! Red wine becomes deep red and white wine becomes golden with age! Rest your glass on the table and swirl it a little. A clear film on the side of the glass is indicative of a good wine!

When you taste the wine, try to inhale the smell of the wine. If your find off odours like any kind of heavy cork smell or moldy, musty smells; it may not be a sign of a good wine. Check your wine against oxidization, volatile acidity. Smell you wine; let your nose talk. Check your wine for smells of blackberries, black currants, cassis and other fruity fragrances. Some wines are sweet, sour, salty and some are bitter to smell! Make sure you have all the wine tasting essentials when you decide to do the wine tasting. Arrange for wine glasses, white table cloth, spittoons, bowls with unsalted crackers or baguette to cleanse the palate, tasting sheet for notes!

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