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Effects of a Walking Cast on a Toddler

    Jelly Legs

    • As soon as the walking cast is removed, you will notice your child's muscles and tendons are weak and slightly shriveled because of lack of movement and exercise. Your child's leg will become frail and soft. He will have a hard time walking and constant support is needed to ensure that he will not topple over. It is essential that you do not panic too. His jelly-like leg is normal and with regular exercise, his muscles will soon gain strength.

    Loss of confidence

    • Be sensitive with your child's feelings. Because of the sudden difficulty in walking, her confidence level can greatly decrease. As a parent, you need to give your child words of assurance and encouragement all the time. Explain to her that it takes time for things to go back to normal again and she needs to be brave during this process.


    • You have to understand that being a toddler means that these children want to do almost everything at the same time and if they can't do a simple thing like moving their legs, this can frustrate them into high heavens. This is the main reason why your child becomes so cranky. It is important for you to be very patient and understanding.


    • You might notice your child's leg turning into different colors such as pale white, purple, blue or red. This could happen when the inner padding of your child's walking cast becomes wet from perspiration. Another possible reason could be a cast that is wrapped too tight. When this happens, contact your child's pediatrician to have this problem fixed right away.

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