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Scentsy Candles are a AWESOME Unique Candle Warming system that uses a 25 watt bulb to warm the wax slowly into a pool of melted wax that maximizes the strength and life of the scent. Scentsy Candle bars last up to 80 hours and will never release the harmful chemicals that you can find in regular jarred candles.

Buy Scentsy Candles

Using Scentsy Warmers (The Wickless Candle) as apposed to wick candles not only will they decorate your home but save you money . Not only will you save money using Scentsy Candles, but when your done you will be left with a beautiful house decoration instead of a charred black, empty jar.
When you Buy Scentsy Warmers not only are you saving money, but you are investing in your quality of life. With Regular Candles, the wax and wick both slowly disappear when you burn it, can you imagine where the chemicals from the wax and wick go? In the air, on the walls, In your lungs! With Scentsy, the Warmer only gets warm enough to release the scent, nothing else, your left with an unscented wax bar, the wax isn't burnt into the air. This is why Scentsy Candles are the Safest Candles you will find.
There are many ways to Buy Scentsy, you can click here to Buy Scentsy Online or Call me any time at 575-937-7479 or click here to contace me and I can assist you to Purchase Scentsy Candles. If you would like to Buy Scentsy Candles Online, just click on the here Buy Scentsy Online.

Why Scentsy?

Scentsy Candles are Lead free, Wick free and Flameless Candles
More than 80 Delicious Scents to choose from
Unique Scentsy Warmers for every Decor
60 - 80 Hour Burn time
Makes a Great Nightlight
AWESOME gifts to friends and family

How Does Scentsy Work?

Scentsy Warmers use a low watt bulb to melt the specially formulated wax, slowly, maximizing the fragrance time of the Scenty Bar or Scentsy Brick. Since there is no flame, soot or wick you can use Scentsy just about anywhere. The Scentsy system is a safe way to enjoy more 75 warmers and 80 yummy Scentsy fragrances.

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