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How to Become a Pilot in Australia

    • 1). Take an introductory flight. Many private flying schools offer introductory flights and this is a great way to see if aviation is a career or hobby you want pursue.

    • 2). Get your CASA Pilot Medical completed. In Australia before you can begin your training you will need to have the Civil Aviation Safety Authority Pilot Medical done to ensure there is no medical reason or concerns that may prevent you from taking flying lessons.

    • 3). Complete the General Flying Progress (GFPT) test. During this stage of training you will learn how to handle aircraft through simple manoeuvres. In this stage you can be expected to log just under 40 hours of flying time and 130 hours of theory.

    • 4). Complete the Private Pilot License (PPL) test. In this the second stage of your training you will learn how to navigate and fly larger aircraft. In this stage you will log close 40 hours of flying time and 115 hours of theory.

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