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The type of restaurant equipment you will need for your restaurant depends on the type of service you provide.
For example, if you are a full-scale restaurant you will need many more equipment items that a small mom and pop store will need.
If you are a fast food restaurant, you will need different items than a restaurant along the lines of Ruby Tuesday's.
There are so many different types of restaurant equipment available throughout the world that it will be in possible for me to write about them all.
Therefore, I have chosen a few fascinating pieces of equipment to help you in your search and maybe make your job or that of your employees job a little easier along the way.
You should give serious consideration to investing in a reliable food processor.
They save time and labor.
The way in which your food is processed, how you chop, slice, mix, grate and blend will greatly affect the amount of time it takes to provide the ending result to your customer.
By investing in a quality food processor you are investing in a piece of restaurant equipment that will provide safety, better time management and essentially better results.
The refrigerator is the most critical piece of restaurant equipment you can ever buy.
Keeping cold foods cold is essential to food quality and the extreme importance of food safety.
Invest in a refrigerator that will show you the temperature accurately on the outside of the equipment.
Find a refrigerator that is tough and built to last, with proper usage.
Delivering cold and hot beverages is extremely important to the success of your restaurant.
This piece of restaurant equipment should provide a quick and efficient way of dispensing the beverages.
You will need a well-designed layout to deliver the best product to your customers.
A soda tower has the ability to dispense six different beverages and has an ice dispensing point.
The ice dispenser should hold around 100 to 150 pounds of ice.
Fried foods are as popular as ever.
To keep pace with the demand, today's frying equipment offers features that save time and money and help you prepare consistent, quality products.
Commercial deep-fat fryers are complex pieces of equipment designed to turn out load after load of perfectly fried foods.
Today's frying equipment is made to be safe, energy efficient, and easily cleanable.
Energy efficiency is easy for electric fryers since the heating elements are immersed in the frying medium, giving the highest possible efficiency from the electric source.
Gas fryer manufacturers made their products more energy efficient.
Gas fryers heat the food either with a burner under the fry pot or by injecting the gas flame into tubes running through the fry pot.
Recently, manufacturers have introduced infrared burners and various types of baffles in the tubes to distribute heat more evenly, extract more heat energy from the fuel, and reduce waste heat needing to be exhausted.

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