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Washington D.C. is Frozen Over

Well the weather has been wicked on much of the East Coast and many are snowed in.
Some areas are completely frozen.
On the surface my next statement may sound could and inhumane, but what is wrong with Washington D.
C being frozen over? I mean maybe they can catch a clue and apply some of that logic to their spend thrift ways.
Namely let's freeze the budget until we get to the bottom of the Lobbyists bribe scandals shall we? Is that too harsh to ask that the United States Congress freeze spending on these runaway pork barrel spending special interest projects? Of course if they do stop spending Washington D.
would look like a ghost town, as all that free flowing money would slow to a trickle.
This would not be good for the runaway economic conditions, beltway housing bubble or the simulated silicon valley "dot com" days now in D.
However we must remember the money they spend is ours and that money is bought and paid for by the taxpayers.
Folks it is time to tell Washington D.
to stop wasting our money and to downsize the Blob of Bureaucracy.
One has to wonder if all their brains are frozen over there and they forgot who owns our government, we do, remember.
You know that "By the People and For the People" mantra? Of course with the area frozen over and their brains froze like Popsicles maybe we ought to have a freeze on their wasteful spending too.

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