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Two Essential Ingredients to a Great First Date

There are a lot of good ideas about what first dates should be. One thing we can clear up pretty quick is what it should not be. It should not be boring.  Boring dates, along with being rude, lacking manners, and a lack of focus on your date (as in flirting with other people) will also destroy your second date chances.  You made a good impression and got the first date, and it is now up to you to show that it was the right decision.  Add these two essential ingredients to your first date to make it a great first date.

Make it Fun and Exciting

It's a fact, fun and exciting dates get second dates.  To make your first dates count you should do something that allows enough free time to talk and get to know each other. There should also be enough blood rushing, adrenaline pumping activity for you to not always be talking and instead be enjoying your time together.  As you play you will discover how you work together and communicate with each other.  Hopefully that means getting close, a little touching, a lot of laughs, and leaving a great impression. This is supposed to be fun!

Chances are if this is your first date it is too soon to know if there is or will be any romance.  However, just the fact that there is a first date probably means you are both hoping for a connection at some point.  That is why you need to make the most of the first date, so you can get to a second and a third date where you will discover just how much of a connection there is between you.  It won't always take several dates to discover if you have a connection.  If you are one of the lucky ones you know it when you feel it and you will feel it right from the start.  Probably though it will take more than just a few hours on a date to discover what you have in common, and if that is enough to make it last.

So, what do you do for first dates that gives you the benefit of fun, excitement, and time to talk and get to know each other?  If it is something you both consider fun you should do that.  You might also consider these tried and true standards: Bowling, bungee jumping, miniature golf, comedy club, concert, ice skating or roller skating, video games, ski or snowboard, jet ski/water ski/wake board, casino, horse back riding, treasure hunting, or sky diving.

The idea is to do something that will get the blood pumping, give you that adrenaline rush, and force you to share some laughs and smiles. Oh, and get that second date!

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