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The Oasis of Oak

Why is it that oak furniture continues to be so popular? Surely we want everything to be streamlined, have perfect edges and lines? Not so says Olivia Wilson, here he explains why....

Oak furniture continues to rein supreme in the home. Whether you are buying an oak table or oak dining furniture, one is almost certain that they are buying furniture that will have a long life in their home.

Oak furniture, doesn't just act as an accent in a room. It demands attention. Oak furniture can change the appearance of any room. You can have subtle tables which sit in the middle of the room or you can go oak dining sets which stand out from the biggest of crowds; you know the ones that people always look at and go: "ohhh where you buy that lovely thing?" Interestingly, even in the modern change where we are all gunning for uber modern designs which are sleek and contemporary we still favour oak furniture.

Oak furniture is so good because it is so versatile. Oak furniture can fit into almost any room and the sheer range in designs allow you to have oak pieces in all rooms of the house. Large Chester-drawers in the bedroom which store vast amounts of clothes are just what any women needs; likewise a beautiful oak dining set placed in a dining room is perfect for a family. Then you can buy little pieces of oak furniture like a coffee table or stools for the kitchen.

One of the best things about oak furniture is that it is so durable and longstanding, without much maintenance. It just has a commitment to have longevity. This is probably why it is so popular.

What is even better is that oak furniture wont break the bank and cost you an arm and a leg. No. There are any number of online stores which sell a wide range of oak furniture whether it is oak dining furniture, oak stools, or oak dining sets. Some sites offer free delivery which is perfect.

If you have any questions don't be shy about ringing up the company. If their number is not on the website then drop then email asking them to call you back. You may want to know if it is solid oak furniture, their returns policy, or inform them if someone else's other site is selling cheaper can they match these prices?

Whilst oak furniture is available at great prices, have some caution with sites that sell things for far more cheaper than you would expect.

What I like best about buying online is that you don't have some big hairy sales man breathing down your neck as soon as you walk into the shop, trying to force the biggest piece of furniture down your throat. For some reason, we have come to accept such behaviour in the UK, whilst Mary Portas does her best to try and stop this, for the moment at least, we have online stores to fall back on.

If you really want to get a feel for what you want and which type of oak furniture you think will be best for you, go to a store. Sit on and feel the oak furniture. Make a note of what you liked and then go and see if you can find it online, for cheaper. Afraid you may be forced into buying something? Leave the plastic at home.

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