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Define and Segment Your Space With Flooring

Floors can act as a way to section off a room or area; you can change the feel of a space in your home through segmentation and contrast.
With this process, you can create many unique effects while making your home more interesting and complementing other design elements.
Define a Space If you think of flooring as a flat space then you can easily imagine how shapes form the space in your home.
Shapes are defined by color or a change in texture.
For example, if you have a square that is one color, you would regard it as one square.
However, if this same square was colored differently in four equal sections, you would see four smaller squares.
See how it changes your perception? Color, texture and positioning are great ways to section your space with flooring.
Perhaps you have an adjoining dining and living room.
You may want to keep the two separate, but why not make your living area more comfortable with a soft durable carpet and section off your elegant dining room with a darker hardwood floor or laminate.
Segment a Space Maybe it is not a room you wish to isolate, but a section of a room.
Often, large rooms will be given a tiled border in a different color to draw people to the center of the room.
For example, at dance and banquet halls or at the reception areas for weddings you will find extra flooring panels to create a dance square near the front of the room, creating an inverse border to draw people to the dance floor.
Here are some basic techniques to creating these effects:
  • Change the direction of laminate or hardwood for a more subtle break point
  • Use a different color or patterned tile display to create a section
  • Contrast surfaces and textures such as carpet and wool to create a dramatic change or feel.
    Carpet produces a warmer tone than laminate or tile.
  • Create a defining line - like placing a horizontal laminate piece between a row of vertical planks and a tiled thresh-hold to a room - to cause an outlining effect making the division neater, stronger and a design element.
  • Inlay carpet into wood or laminate borders to create "a rug effect" and to dress up long passage ways.
If you are looking for a creative way to ensure your home is special, from the floor to the walls, then consider using flooring as an innovative tool.

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