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The Peace of Kindness - Part 3

Back to that woman (just as an example) that a moment ago you felt like tearing apart...
If you only knew the fear eating away at her insides...
yes, we are talking about the same self-assured insufferable belladonna, the same woman whom you suspect is dissing you, belittling and making fun of you behind your back, or perhaps even trying to steal your man away...
If you only knew her agony of sleepless nights and all the insults she had to swallow after her second divorce, and what she is going through now at the office...
you would become her instant friend and feel like asking if you can order a cup of coffee for her and stay with her through the night just so she can make it to the first light of the dawn.
Let it go and be kind.
Let go of your addiction to be right and correct.
Let go of your presumed need to be powerful.
What is power when you are the only one echoing in your cavernous heart? When you are kind, you are handing out a free passport to every soul you meet, a passport to the fragrant fields oflove you already have undulating and swaying in you.
Be your own ocean by dripping sweet every single second.
Be kind.
Be light.
Be what you always wanted to become but feared never could.
You can do it and it's fat free too! (CAUTION: Kindness is known to create addiction and dizziness and in some cases spells of euphoria and genuine side-splitting laughter.
Start easy and go slow if you are operating heavy machinery, under the influence of feelings of grandeur and erudition, or you occupy a highly decorated post of collective respectability.

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