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Buy Beautysleep MattressesYour Guide & Faqs

Going shopping for inexpensive mattresses can be frustrating and confusing. At stores, the salesperson often tries to upsell you into something that you cant afford, but you also dont want to buy something that wont be comfortable, or wont last out the year. If youre looking for an inexpensive mattress, either for a guest room, or because youre on a budget, look no further than BeautySleep. Buying a BeautySleep mattress should be an easy decision, since youre able to get quality as well as a great deal. Here are some frequently asked questions about discount mattresses that you should consider before shopping:
1. What makes mattresses cost so much?

Think about what is in a mattress: coils, foam, fabric, fire retardant material. A queen mattress is basically thirty cubic feet of material. Thats a lot of product in a small space. Lets start with the coils: they are made out of formed steel. In case you arent in construction or commodities trading, steel is expensive. The next layers are foams, which are petroleum products. When the price of gas and oil goes up, so does the price of foam. Fabrics arent expensive alone, but each mattress is still put together and sewn by hand, which equals some pretty high labor costs. Finally, by law, every mattress sold in the US must have a layer of fire retardant fiber, to protect the sleeper in the case of a house fire. This fiber is very expensive, but its illegal to manufacture or sell a mattress without it. Finally, if you really break it down, mattresses may be one of the least expensive products that you own. Even if you purchase an inexpensive queen set, say for $500, and only have it for six years, youre paying twenty-two cents per day. Compare this to a shirt or sweater that you purchased for $25, youd need to wear it one hundred and thirteen times to get the same value out it.
2. Are all cheap mattresses bad quality? How much do I need to spend to get a decent bed?
What really matters here is the exact price range. If youre trying to buy a queen sized set for $300, the quality isnt going to be that great. However, if you can bump that up to $499 or so, you can get a decent BeautySleep mattress, worthy of every night sleeping. If you can bump it up to $539, you can get a great mattress with individually pocketed coils, foam encased edge support, and a ten year warranty, made by BeautySleep. You dont need to spend $1000 to get a great queen set, but plan on around $500 for something decent that will last for at least eight years.
3. Why do all cheap beds feel firm?

The first thing that they take out of a mattress to get the cost down is padding. Those really inexpensive beds that are $300 have minimal padding in between the sleeper and the coil system. This makes the bed feel very firm. Again, if you can up your budget to around $539, BeautySleep has a euro top mattress that feels great, has a lot of padding, and offers excellent support.

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