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How to Change Drive Cluster Size Without Losing Data on a Disk

    • 1). Download Easeus Partition Master. Easeus is a free partition resizing software that resizes data without destroying it. The software works well with all Microsoft operating systems. Install Easeus Partition Master to your computer.

    • 2). Back up everything. Although Easeus is supposed to resize the clusters on your hard drive without erasing or damaging anything, never use a program that makes such drastic changes to your hard drive without protecting all of your important documents. Copy every file and program you want to protect to an external hard drive or burn to disc as a backup.

    • 3). Open Easeus Partition Master. It comes up with your C:\ drive already populated in the screen. Information regarding how much space is available and how much is being used on the drive will be filled out in the columns next to the drive.

    • 4). Click the Resize/Move button at the top of the screen. This opens a window in which you can resize or move the partitions on your C:\ drive.

    • 5). Use the arrows to change the partition size. The current partition size is listed by KB or MB in the Partition Size box. This number can be changed to any number. Click OK to begin. The program will resize all of the clusters on your hard drive.

    • 6). Check all of your files. The only way you will know if files have been corrupted by the resizing is by checking them individually. If the files have been corrupted, they can be replaced from the backup you created.

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