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Balloon Decor Secrets- Can This Ebook Teach You

Have you ever considered being a balloon decorator? Have you ever helped with decorating with balloons for parties or special events? Many people enjoy decorating and choose to do it as a hobby or as a part time extra source of income. It does not require tons of experience and as long as you are dedicated to your work you can make very unique decorations for everyone to appreciate.

My friend actually posts a few ads a week on craigslist offering her decorating service to the public. She recieves quite a bit of responses and she gets a very nice income off of it for only doing it on the weekend. She gets to meet tons of new people and she also networks with new possible clients when she decorates for big events.

A few weeks ago she was hosting a huge wedding event and needed extra helping with decorating. She called me and asked if I could lend a hand. I had no experience with balloon decorating but decided to help my friend out. When I arrived at the location I had literally no idea what I was supposed to do and felt lost through the entire process.

After the even was over she asked if I would be interested in helping out a few times per month. I did not mind since it was not really hard work and did not take much of my time. She told me if I wanted to become familiar with decorating that I should look into a Balloon Decor Guide. I figured it would be best considering that she wanted my help a few times a month. After I became familiar with the process after reading the book on a mellow evening I felt like I could comfortably help out.

We started a huge balloon display two weeks after and it was not that bad at all to get into the job this time. We had the display up and ready for everyone to enjoy hours before the party was to start. Thanks to that Balloon Decor Guide I picked up a new craft to make some extra money off of.

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