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Giving Your Readers the Unexpected

Readers love characters that keep them guessing, creating a good character can make your story jump off the page and keep the reader engrossed.
Create a character that has more than one role in your story or that can seem to be one thing and turn out to be another.
Add a little mystery to keep the pages turning and the reader will keep coming back for more.
Having the character do something with shock value will excite the reader even more.
The single grandma has two boyfriends she juggles but keeps a secret till one day she gets caught.
The police seem to be the good guys and then suddenly they are the bad guy in the story.
Someone is breaking into homes and no one can figure out who, then he gets caught and it's the neighborhood 10 year old trying to raise money for his dad's lawyer, now they both need one.
The bad guy doesn't have to always be bad, he may have a weak spot for a single mom trying to raise three kids alone.
The kidnapper may end up falling in love with the woman he kidnapped and let her go.
Drama makes for page turners.
Give the older characters something to do besides be good.
Just because they are the elders doesn't mean they can't have fun too.
Grandma likes to water ski and bungee jump or maybe she dyes her hair pink.
Grandpa goes to the porno shows and gets busted coming out one day.
Grandpa may love to roller skate with the grand kids I know I do.
The more you can give the readers that they did not expect to find in your book the better.
As an avid reader I know a story that keeps me on the edge and guessing what will happen next is the story I want to read.

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