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30 Days with iPhone – Day 10 - Requests for iPhone Version 2

The iPhone is, overall, a great first effort in a new space for Apple. The device, despite some quirks, is very solid. Still, after 10 days of using it, I already know the things I’d like to see in the next version of the iPhone.

1. 3G
This is a faster wireless data network than the EDGE network used by the current iPhone. The decision not to use 3G on this version was controversial. It seems almost a done deal that the next iPhone will offer the substantially faster and more-widely used 3G.

2. A Better Battery
I’ve written about this before, so I won’t repeat myself too much, but a battery with greater capacity would be most welcome in iPhone 2.

3. A Standard Headphone Jack
The current iPhone has a recessed headphone jack that makes it incompatible with most headphones (but works with Apple’s, of course). This seems a bit petty. I suspect many of us would like to go back to using the headphones that we bought for our iPods.

4. Dump AT&T
OK, that’s a wild dream, especially since the iPhone is exclusive to AT&T for five years, but the troubles that the company has had over the first 10 days with the iPhone (rampant activation problems, unethical managers forcing consumers to buy accessories in order to get an iPhone) make me want to use another carrier.

5. More Storage Capacity
For some, 8GB may be enough. Not for me. I don’t expect to see an 80GB iPhone any time soon, but 16GB or 32GB would be most welcome.

6. A Friendly Upgrade Price
IPhone contracts run two years. If iPod upgrade cycles are any indication, there could be as many as two new iPhones before my current contract runs out.

If a really good new iPhone comes out — one with many of these features, let’s say — I’d like to be able to upgrade to it without paying full retail price. I’m not hopeful that this will happen; Apple doesn’t tend to do things like that. But it would be nice.

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