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E-Learning and E-Toys

In the modern era E-Learning is the most important concept. Maximum school and colleges adopted this technique for their students to their bright future. E-Learning is the concept of €Electronic Learning€. As same as, E-Toys are most attractive toys for small kids and baby. This should be all happened with E-Learning applications; in these include in the form web-based learning, computer based learning, which is delivered via intranet/extranet, audio/video tape, internet, CD-Rom and Satellite TV. This is moving rapidly from USA first time in 2009. Now, this is spread in all over the world like as web.

Learning Management System is the technique of e-learning, which helps to the companies and organisation to make their plans for employees to anywhere. There are several types/methods of e-learning are as follow:

1. Virtual Classroom: This is an online classroom, where the participants can interact with other participants through chat, instant messaging, audio/video show etc.
2. Blended Method: This is the method, companies can be preferred to use according to their requirements for the further growth of companies and organisation.

This is absolutely most popular classroom in the modern era. Some are advantages and disadvantages are as follow:


1. Save Your Time: This education system can reduce your work time as compare to traditional educational. It also reduces the workplace and also cuts the travel expense and time as well.
2. More Learning Material: Students can also find more learning material from internet as a form of their audio and video as well.
3. Home Classroom: This class is also attending in your home in front of your parents.
4. Increase Knowledge: This also increases the knowledge about internet and computer skills; that will help in the future.
5. Technological Possibilities: From the part of technological possibilities, E-learning is the fastest and growing technique in the field of education.


1. Lack of Control/Time: With this technique, there is no fixed particular time for studies to the students as compare to traditional education.
2. Technology Issues: There are many technology issues like as; not easily available training modules. All types of devices are not easily available.
3. Computer Competency: Some employees and students were not comfortable with computer. Some software are very hard to understand sometimes. provides all types of E-Learning and E-Toys for the students. This is the best education portal and educational toys portal among all the portals.

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