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I Want My Girlfriend Back - How Long Will It Take to Get Her Back?

It's natural to kind of wonder how long it will take if you decide that you want to get your girlfriend back.
 Guys are usually more inclined to want to "fix" things right away,  and when the thing that you want to fix most is the relationship with your girlfriend,  then that desire can become incredibly strong.
 While some may say that it is impossible,  and some will say that you can make it happen overnight,  the truth is...
it varies.
I know,  that's not really a sexy answer.
 It's not some blanket statement,  but you know what?  All relationships and situations are going to be different.
 For example,  if you had been fighting for the last few months,  then it will probably be harder than it was one little tiff in the relationship that ended things.
So,  when you think about how long it is going to take before you get her back,  you have to weigh in the circumstances.
You also have to have a plan in mind,  a way to get her back and not the amateurish attempts that most guys end up trying out.
 You know,  things like random phone calls and text messaging.
 If that is your plan to get her back,  then it could take forever.
 If you want to get her back quickly,  then you need to have a plan in mind and then go to work using that plan.
One of the reasons that it can end up taking  a long time for a lot of guys,  is they do a little of the one step forward,  two steps back.
 The minute that they get a little somewhere with her,  they force the issue and they end up making her feel like it just is not worth her time to even consider getting back together.
If you try to rush her into getting back with you,  it will bite you on the backside and end up taking much longer to make it happen.
 Be patient.

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