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      As one of the most popular travel spots for American travelers, Cancun, Mexico, is full of exciting adventures and beautiful beaches. Whether vacationers are looking for a relaxing week at an all-inclusive hotel or want to see an authentic Mayan sporting event, a trip to Cancun will have everything visitors need and so much more. Planning your vacation has never been easier.

    Adventure Tours

    • For thrill seekers, Cancun offers a variety of adventure tours to make this vacation one that won't soon be forgotten. Families with children can spend the day at the only water park in Cancun, Wet 'N Wild, for $25 per person. Or they can take a trip to the bottom of the ocean and tour the Atlantis Submarine, observing underwater life at 100 feet below sea level. And for those looking for variety and culture, the Xcaret Riviera Maya Tours offers 53 different attractions, including swimming in underwater rivers and authentic Mayan sporting events.

    All-Inclusive Hotel Packages

    • Those looking for a relaxing getaway will feel right at home in one of Cancun's many all-inclusive hotels. Booking an all-inclusive vacation allows travelers to budget accordingly, as all meals and most drinks will be included in their costs. For as little as $76 per night, travelers can enjoy dining, drinks and entertainment without leaving the comfort of their hotel. Individuals looking to enjoy Cancun in the lap of luxury can stay at the Royal Playa del Carmen; the hotel provides a fitness center and balconies overlooking the ocean, complete with private Jacuzzis and festive theme nights for its guests.

    Tours of Mayan Ruins

    • Part of the beauty and appeal of Cancun is the opportunity to tour the Mayan Ruins. Visiting sites such as Chichen Itza provides adventure and exposes guests to Mayan culture. A city of pyramids, Chichen Itza has been named one of the New Wonders of the World; the tour concludes with a trip to a sinkhole located in the Yucatan Peninsula, giving tourists the chance to swim with native fish. History and culture buffs will enjoy visiting buildings dating back to nearly 400 A.D.

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