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How to Make Granite Countertops Shine

    • 1). Wash granite countertops with mild soap and water as a means of cleaning. Be certain to rinse the soap off thoroughly or a build-up will occur that can mar the high-gloss shine.

    • 2). Wipe granite countertops with clear white vinegar as a means of dissolving soapy build-up and restoring shine. Dry thoroughly with a clean, dry cloth. One of the best types of cleaning cloths for granite countertops are cloth diapers.

    • 3
      Granite countertops afford homeowners the luxury of durability and high-gloss shine.

      Spray granite countertops with special cleaners designed for use solely on granite. Some of these products are Bayes Premium Counter Top Rejuvenator, Marble Life Granite Countertop Cleaner and Naturally Clean Kitchen. These products will clean and shine without leaving a film and are made to not dissolve or deteriorate the protective finish on the granite. Never use any products containing ammonia, as these will eventually ruin the protective finish.

    • 4). Clean spills that could potentially stain countertops immediately. Since granite is very porous, it can absorb liquids that have the potential to stain. If the protective finish has worn off, the potential for staining is even greater. Wipe spills up immediately with paper towels, and then clean with vinegar or your choice of granite cleaner.

    • 5). Protect your granite countertops with products designed to restore the protective finish on a yearly basis. Products such as MEMS Protective Coating, JK Marble Maintenance, and Bayes Premium Sealant Rejuvenator are reliable and affordable.

      By protecting your granite countertops with annual sealer rejuvenation, wiping up potential stains right away and cleaning granite with products designed for it or using all-natural alternatives like vinegar, your granite countertops will shine and undoubtedly endure years of wear and tear in your kitchen.

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