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Spill Level For Lake Texoma is in Flood Level

Recent rain storms have put Lake Texoma into its flood control pool.
The lake has risen 9 feet in the past week and is expected to crest on Monday, May 11 at 627 feet above sea level.
At this point the lake will be 12 feet above its normal level.
Impounded in 1944, Lake Texoma has seen water run over its spillway three times.
The first was in 1957, the second and perhaps the most memorable was in May of 1990, when the lake reached the highest pool of record at 644.
76 feet.
The third time was less than two years ago in July of 2007.
While these floods are called "100-year floods", that doesn't necessarily mean that the lake will go over the spillway one time in 100 years, as we have witnessed water reach the spillway three times in the lake's 65 year history.
A "100-year flood" refers to a flood level with a 1 percent chance of being equaled or exceeded in any given year.
Lake Texoma usually has a clear to stained water color.
However, as of Saturday night, the quickly rising Red River had pushed its turbid-muddy water all the way to the mid-lake region around Highport Marina.
Historically, this mud-line will eventually make its way to the tip of Preston Peninsula.
The Washita River will also bring muddy water down past the Highway 70 Bridge and into the Platter Flats area of the lake.
The rising, muddy water will make bass fishing difficult, but opportunities to catch catfish will dramatically increase.
Newly flooded areas or creeks that have current running into the lake are the prime locations to target this species.
Any cut-bait or live bait such as perch, shad or shrimp fished on the bottom will produce.
One report last weekend from Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge had 65 catfish caught up to 10 pounds.
Other good locations in the Big Mineral Arm of Lake Texoma include Brushy Creek, Walnut Creek and Big Mineral Camp.
All of which are easily accessed just east of FM 901.
As the lake continues to rise, expect the hydro-electric generation below Denison Dam to occur around the clock.
This will bring striper, catfish and shad up the river and into the current.
For information about generation schedules or the opening of the flood gates, call the US Army Corp of Engineers at (903)465-1491.
Last weekend, Texoma Bass Club held their 42nd annual Two State Bass Tournament on Lake Texoma.
Boats left out of Highport Marina at 6am to overcast skies and rising water levels and returned at 3pm for the weigh-in just as a thunderstorm moved into the area.
Dean Gilbert Sr.
and Jerry Gilbert of Sherman took 1st place honors with a five fish limit of 14.
57 pounds.
Big Bass of the tournament was 3.
55 pounds.
Most teams caught their fish on soft plastic lures and spinner-baits fished in the newly flooded grass and brush.
The shad were spawning in the morning and bass could be seen from time to time running them onto the bank.
Most of the teams fished east of the marina as the red and muddy flood water inched its way from the west.
If you are out on the lake any time soon, please be careful of the floating logs and debris that will come down the river.

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