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The Effects of Missing Teeth Harmful To Your Long Term Health

If everyone knew this, dentists would be much busier given the rate at which people lose their teeth to various causes. Here are some of bad health implications that gaps within your gums can bring

Wrong Bite Position

Once you have gaps within your gums where teeth have been removed, the manner in which your jaw moves is affected. The tilt, as well as drift, that is brought on by the gap will bring about problems to the opposite teeth. Therefore, before you know it, your opposite jaw will begin experiencing bite relationship difficulties. This will also be the start of problems with your jaw point. Additionally, these tooth gaps harbor food particles which mean an increase in decay, as well as gum diseases. It is therefore advisable that you to get dental implants in order to fix this problem.

Deterioration of Your Jawbone

The moment you lose a tooth, either from an accident, extraction or gum disease, the bone that was supporting the tooth within the jaw starts dissolving. This is what a dentist calls resorption. If this gap is not tended to, bone dissolving will go on. Therefore, visiting an implant dentist would be a great idea as this will stop further bone loss.

Smile Contortion

When a tooth is lost, mainly an incisor, your smile is tampered with. This goes a long way as far as damaging your self esteem. No one wants a contorted smile, therefore one will choose to bid smiling farewell, yet a smile is the best thing you can give someone else. Adding to that bad list, is your face's shape being altered. Therefore, opting for implant dentistry would revamp your self esteem, help in re-shaping your face, as well as give you back the power to smile at anyone without worrying about what they will think.

Teeth do much more than chew food, they shape your face, help in controlling jaw movement and keep the gums safe. Therefore, as soon as you lose a tooth, make sure that you get it replaced. It will save you a score of problems, not to mention discomforts. Visit an implant dentist today, it will be worth your time.

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