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How to Use Iron Perler Beads

    • 1). Lay a soft, textured towel across a hard, flat surface.

    • 2). Position your pre-cut design or square Perler Beads pegboard at the center of the towel.

    • 3). Make your design to match a pre-cut design pegboard shape with the color beads of your choosing, create your own design in the shape and colors that you desire or select and create a design from the Perler Beads Project Ideas website (see Resources). Pick up your first bead with your fingers or tweezers and drop it onto a peg. Repeat with additional beads until you finish the design.

    • 4). Preheat an iron to the "Medium" heat setting.

    • 5). Place an ironing sheet over your design and the pegboard and then pick up your iron. Run the preheated iron soleplate across the sheet and design using a circular motion for 30 seconds. Set the iron on its heel rest and wait at least 5 minutes for your design to cool.

    • 6). Remove the ironing sheet. Pick up your design, turn it over and place it back on the pegboard.

    • 7). Repeat Step 5 and then, after your design has cooled, remove it from the pegboard.

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