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How to Unlock a Sprint 8525

    • 1). Type *#06# into your phone and press "Send." This will tell you your Sprint 8525's IMEI (International Mobile Device Identification) number. This number is also listed under the phone's battery. Write the 15-digit number down.

    • 2). Call Sprint's customer service line and ask a representative for the code. He will ask for your IMEI number and tell you whether a free unlock code is available. See "Resources" for Sprint's customer service page.

    • 3). Remove the back cover and battery of your 8525 to reveal your Sprint SIM card. Slide the SIM card from its slot under the battery.

    • 4). Return the battery and back cover of the phone and turn it back on.

    • 5). Enter the unlock code when prompted and press "Send" (a message will inform you whether your phone was properly unlocked).

    • 6). Turn off your 8525 again. Remove the back cover and battery, then insert your new service provider's SIM card and turn the phone on with a new carrier.

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