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Many business owners who struggle to expand or maintain growth in their business see market forces, demand or external conditions affecting their performance.
What they fail to see is the most crucial factor to success in business - Adapting to change.
The market, technology and instruments of business are ever changing.
Refer back to even ten years ago how businesses and the market operated and compare it to today.
We have seen revolutionary changes in business and market strategy in only the last five years and this continues ever frequent as innovation continues to flourish.
Technology has been a integral part of this revolution.
The internet, social media, mobile technology, communications, cloud storage and many more innovations have provided an opportunity for us to work smarter and more effective.
Technology has opened opportunities that were once thought to be only accessible to the financially affluent.
Information, ideas, tools and expert advice are freely provided through online social platforms allowing the opportunity for better informed decision making, strategy and operations.
What many business owners fail to do is adapt to this opportunity and change as it challenges their comfort zone.
"For a business to grow and flourish, we as individuals must grow with it".
We must be open and willing to accept new ideas and view it as a necessary process for success.
For many people it is an innate sense of fear to react to something they do not understand.
With technology changing at the pace it has in the last 20 years it is difficult to keep up and the sense of climbing that mountain seems too difficult with all the other pressures that take up our time.
But every journey begins with the first step.
Just like learning a new trade or playing a new sport practice makes for understanding.
Understanding makes for progress.
Progress makes for perfection.
The time to deal with the solution is now.
Accept technology as the inevitable necessity for progress and instill in your mindset that understanding will come from practice.
What may have seemed like a mountain will be acknowledged as "I should have done this earlier".
After you have conquered your fear of technology use that motivated mindset to break any barriers inhibiting your progress.
"Do not wait to see what happens as you will miss what has already been" We must continually challenge and expand our comfort zone by allowing ourselves to adapt to change.
It should be viewed as a goal to expand and grow as science fiction becomes a reality.

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