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Wooden Shipping Pallets are what were all about! We have been dealing with them for so many years that now we can accurately find out what pallets work best for each of our clients, and we offer plenty of services for all your pallet needs.

Find out how we deal with pallets, from their manufacturing to their recycling phase.

After studying our clients needs, we choose suitable material, and then we cut the floor planks and stringers to fill the order.
Four-way marks are being cut in the stringers to allow access from all four sides of the pallet.
We let the pallets dry in the drying room and process them with a special transparent and scentless substance to protect them from mould and color changing. In the end, we mark them with the customers logo.

We do deliveries by truck, jumbo, or vessels.
Aside from the cost of lumber, which is the same for all manufacturers, the main cost involved is for the transportation or shipping of pallets.
The cost increases with the distance between the source and the destination.

Our many years of experience in pallet manufacturing and distributing has given us the ability to anticipate what the best solution and product mix would work best for our individual clients.
In order to get the best results while aiming to accomplish the requirement of our customers, we assume total control over their pallet inventories.
We will allow our customers to track their pallets at any time, so that they know how we administer them.

Yes, we rent pallets. Here is why:
Some customers may need an extra quantity of pallets, or may only need pallets for a short time and may not have any use for them afterwards. For them we have the rental service. This way they can be sure that they will have sufficient pallets to get their business done.

We know when a pallet is damaged, and we also know how to fix them. This means that no wood will go to waste, which is good news for the environment as well, because no new wood will be needed to replace the damaged pallets.
Broken pallets are renovated quickly and circulated as a premium brand at reduced cost.
If customers need their pallets fixed, we will make sure that each and every pallet is examined and we will give a comprehensive report on what repair requirements the broken pallets have.

We also buy pallets!
If you have repairable pallets of various standard sizes, we will pay top bucks for them! Here is a list of the sizes we are seeking:
48X40 (4 way and 2 way)
48X48 Hardwood & Softwood
44x44, 42x42, 40x40

Say goodbye to waste!
We remove the waste of unusable Wooden Pallet Materials and Wooden Pallets. For free.

Advice for goods transport or storage
If you transport, ship, store or distribute goods, contact us to find out about the importance of pallet management systems in your business. We have many years of experience on our backs, so we know what problems you could be facing.

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