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How to Find an Instruction Manual for a Car

    • 1). A great way to get a hold of a manual is through your dealership. If it's a Honda, check with your local Honda dealers and see if they have any. You'd be surprised what they have around the office. Unfortunately, this will generally only apply for newer vehicles.

    • 2). Your dealership may be able to give you leads on where to go to get one, or may even be able to order one for you. Check with them--let them know your situation and they will most likely be glad to help.

    • 3). Do a search on Google. Various parts distributors will sell old automobile manuals. Just do a search for your year, make and model and you'll be able to find some online. I know when the manual was stolen from my car a while back, I was able to get a replacement (I had a leased vehicle, and would have been charged if I didn't have a manual when I returned the car.)

    • 4). Good ol' eBay is always a great source, if you don't mind, perhaps, a used or slightly worn copy. This is a great source if you're looking for the manual for an older vehicle.

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