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This Program Is Useless, Never Pays, And We Never Get Referrals!

Hello And Welcome To My Letter.

Internet Marketing from a Newbie's perspective

When I stared affiliate marketing just after Christmas, I knew absolutely nothing about the subject so predictably I did a search on google, using the tried and trusted "make money" keywords, and I joined many programs.

I think now it was a bad mistake, but I did not know any better, instead I should have researched each program before I joined, so I admit to being sucked into the sweet promises made by many a marketer!
And yes I spent a lot of money on these programs, annoyingly enough I never seemed to get any referrals.
At this point roughly after two months after I started I began to realise that I lacked the experience, and technical know how to succeed with my level of knowledge at the time.

Some of the programs I joined were the rehashed typical "Get rich quick schemes" that you will see all over the internet, they all have one thing in common, they do not convey any background substance that will enable you to succeed, they only offer a magic trick or some other "sauce" thats "new" to the internet marketing world, some programs are downright dishonest, making wild claims on potential incomes, all these programs were not very good, and lacked basic background information in able you to succeed.

I' am an engineer, and accept that I' am not a marketer, like any skill you must learn how to become an effective marketer, and then hone your skills over a period of time (And it does take time! and I' am still learning).
In the last six months I have learnt a tremendous amount of information, from how to market properly, ascertain and analyse whether a product is worth marketing, building websites, tracking, PPC, how to use traffic exchanges, emailing and building lists etc etc etc!

As a newbie you will have a very steep learning curve and I know from my previous experiences it will overload you, that's why its very important to have a good look at the programs you are joining and plan a realistic road map on how you are going to learn and apply what you are reading.

Now there are some good programs out there that you can join, but there are not very many, so I say to everybody who is starting out not to join too many programs, that's for when you become proficient.

Here's a program I joined in late April (its not the only one) and I would recommend this because of the websites resources available to you, the up line support that consists of "real people" who you can contact anytime, and that's crucial for a new marketer to be able to get good quality information when you need it.

The Internet is about "information" not just entertainment, selling, etc. And you will realise that most people who are on the internet are looking to solve a problem or who are researching information for their own purposes. Its being able to tap into that activity is where you can potentially profit!

And last but not least anyone can become a marketer the difference will be how good a marketer you will become and how much time you are prepared to devote to this new skill.

I joined Reality-Net workers on Sunday 19/04/2009 (19th of April 2009) I enrolled as a trial member. I had already tried internet marketing but had virtually no success, I joined so many programs I couldn't manage them all! and I did not make a penny from them!
I had lost faith in all these other programs, I tried reality net workers, almost immediately my sponsors were ready to work with me, they communicated with me every three to five days, and were genuinely interested in helping me to become a better marketer.
Within the Reality-Net workers website there is a wealth of marketing material from how to promote your program to where to go and promote it, within the members area there are personal postings from other members who share on their own experiences how to market it better.
No other program I have ever joined had all this material already in place and for FREE!
And even better! members will share with you where they are making money!
I now have a down line of 175 and growing and I work with my immediate frontline of 23 active marketers of whom I communicate with on a regular basis and I also assist them in their own marketing efforts.
I now have a team of active marketers who will go with me into any program out there and we can all profit from immediately, all my down line are pre-qualified, active marketers who are committed to making money.
Before Reality-Net workers I had NO down line NO team and NO referrals and I had already spent two valuable months previously with no results, within one month I already have a team ready to work with and take anywhere!

*Since I wrote this a few days ago I now have 30 active net workers in my frontline!


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