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Process to Becoming a Success-Aholi

Daily, people come so close to their personal power and their ultimate achievement only to fall short. In Neapoleon Hill's book Think and Grow Rich, it is called ‘Stopping three feet from gold.' The purpose of Be-Aholic is for people to become aware that they have the same abilities and will as any other person to succeed. It's only a matter of being addicted to and obsessed with achieving that goal that makes the difference. In the process of becoming a Success-Aholic one must go through a few steps.. Subscribe for Be-Aholic: A 14-Step Process to Becoming a Success-Aholic and taste your success.

There's a difference between being successful and feeling successful!

It is said that 80% of success is showing up. If so, that what is 100% of success? It's showing up each day, on time, with a Purpose, a Vision, Actionable Goals, Desire and what I call an Irrational Willingness to Succeed. While all the time being true to yourself and your loved ones.

Peter C. Remington is a successful business man and life coach, with a passion for helping others achieve their Highest Human Potential. With success in real estate, automotive, radio and media, Peter has also been consulting business women and men for over a decade. His inspiration outlook and suggestions on how to apply your talent, skills and passion for a more balanced lifestyle will create an opportunity for your staff, professional organization or students to not only become successful but to prepare for more!

Peter started his process in the fall of 1988. Prepare 4 More is about the 23 years of working and learning the process.

Invite Peter to your next corporate speaking engagement or schedule a consultation with him to see what opportunities lie beyond success.

"My purpose in life is to achieve my Highest Human Potential so that I may help others achieve theirs. My purpose is to bring to light the truth that everyone, from teens to seniors, has their own screenplay to act out and they can rewrite any scene that doesn't suit them, so that they may achieve their Highest Human Potential. My purpose in life is to vibrate at the highest level allowed by God." - Peter C. Remington, Chief Possibilities Officer

"If we collectively elevate our game to the level of Success-Aholism, it will create new business ideas, new leadership strategies, new employee empowerment and a broader way of thinking and discovering that WE, as the human race, can reach new heights of awareness and creativity." - Peter C. Remington, Chief Possibilities Officer

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