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Video: Retrieving an iTunes Passport

Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Skylar. If you've forgotten your iTunes password, there's a really easy way to retrieve it using your iPhone, iPod or iPad. You're going to go ultimately to I forgot at Going to access this through my settings where I'll scroll down to iTunes in app stores. Tap that and then tap your Apple ID at the top. This dialog pops up and tap I forgot. In there this takes you to Safari. So if you'd rather just type in I forgot at you can do that. So here's your password retrieval session. So you type in your Apple ID and you've got two options. Either reset by email or answer security questions. Reset by email is really the simplest option if you've got access to your email address. If you don't tap security questions and you'll see the questions that you set up when you first created your Apple ID. Starting with your date of birth. Just follow the on screen prompts and you'll have your password reset in no time. Thanks for watching. I'm Skylar.

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