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Montana Business License Information

    Business Assistance

    • Montana endeavors to make it simple and easy to do business in the state. In 1997 the state enacted House Bill 391, also known as the "one-stop licensing program." The bill makes it fairly simple to apply for and to renew every type of business license at one central location. Not all businesses are required to have a state business license. Visit the Montana government website to review information regarding the different types of state licenses you may require to conduct your business.

    Montana State Department Labor & Industry

    • The Montana State Department of Labor and Industry's Division of Business Standards is responsible for licensing and regulating business. There are dozens of different types of licenses. Visit the department's interactive website to locate complete information on the license you require. From accounting to X-ray technician, the site defines all the rules and regulations that may apply to your profession.

    Payments and Renewal

    • If your business requires multiple professional or occupational licenses, they may all be paid for with one check. The state also accepts credit cards for payment. Renewal of business licenses is also simplified. All license renewal may be processed on one form or renewed by phone.

    City Business Licenses

    • Some, but not all, local communities may require a local business license. Most cities in Montana require a city business license. Licenses are not transferable from city to city. A separate license is required for doing business in different cities. Conducting business, without a license, in a city that requires a license, can result in violation notices and penalties. To determine if you require a city license, contact the city hall in your community.

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