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How to Take Care of a Ze Ze Plant

    • 1). Plant the Ze Ze plant in a location that receives partial sunlight. Dig a hole large enough to accommodate the roots of the plant and insert the plant into the hole. Cover the plant's roots completely with soil.

    • 2). Water the plant with 1 inch of water when the soil becomes dry to the touch. In addition to watering the soil, water the leaves of the plant to enhance their shiny appearance.

    • 3). Fertilize the Ze Ze plant once per month in the spring and summer when the plant is growing new stems. Sprinkle a granular fertilizer onto the soil around the base of the plant as directed by the fertilizer packaging.

    • 4). Transplant outdoor Ze Ze plants into a pot when the outdoor temperatures fall below 59 degrees Fahrenheit. Dig a circle that is 1 foot away from the base of the plant and lift it up out of the ground. Place the plant into a pot filled with well-drained potting soil and move it to an indoor location with indirect sunlight until spring.

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