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A Great Haircut - Worth the Price

I had an experience that most women have nightmares about...
I lost my trusted beauty operator! Now, I know you guys really don't understand the gravity of this situation...
after all...
she only cuts your hair...
right? Wrong! The right beauty operator, or barber for that matter, is really so much more.
He or she listens to you when you tell them what you want, how you'd like to wear your hair, or how you'd like to look for that special party or dance.
They'll understand how to coordinate your haircut and style to suite the occasion and the outfit you're wearing to it.
When you lose the person with whom you have formed a kind of haircut / style bond, it is an emotional experience.
Many beauty establishments will not tell you where the beauty operator went nor will they allow any of the other employees to share this information if it is known.
They want to keep your business in their shop...
it seems a reasonable business goal on the surface.
But, if you stay in their shop, you have to "train" another beauty operator and that is never easy.
I had such an experience a couple of years after I moved to Florida.
I had found a young lady to cut my long, thick hair to my satisfaction and I patronized her for a couple of years.
One day, I went to the shop for a cut on a day when I knew she would be working and was told she had left their employment.
When I asked where she went, I was told that information was not available.
They offered the services of several other beauty operators in her place.
I was crushed! Not only was my trusted beauty operator gone and they wouldn't tell where she went, but now they were replacing her with other beauty operators whom I did not know.
What I did know about those other operators was this: I had watched some of them do cuts and styles on other patrons and was not impressed! I politely left that shop and did not return.
The next week, at the office, I mentioned my dilemma to a co-worker friend.
She gave me the name of a lady with whom she had dealt for many years.
She gave me a great recommendation for this down-to-earth beauty operator who actually listened to me and gave me a GREAT haircut.
The price for the cut was a little higher than I had been paying but it was so worth the difference.
Great haircuts are easy to get if you know where to look.
Recommendations from friends are a great place to start.

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