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Online Project Management Software is Only As Good As Its Users

Everything is perfect.
You, the project manager, have a great team to help you with multiple projects.
Seeing that you and your team didn't have a collaboration and management system, you looked at a few online project management software and chose the "right" one.
You created the projects, assigned team members, created to-do lists, made milestones, and uploaded all the files.
One day passes, two, three, and soon it has been a week.
You, the project manager, log onto the system to find no one else from the team has bothered updating the progress of any of the tasks, modified or uploaded the files, nothing.
Crickets are chirping.
As a project manager, you have to realize that purchasing an online project management software will not solve all your problems.
The online project management software is only as good as its users! So what can you do to get your team on board? Make sure to prepare a meeting with a power point presentation.
Make a list of all the features and actually show a demonstration of features to them.
In fact, let a few of the team members participate by letting them play with the features.
Most people don't take well to changes or think that online project management software will be difficult to use; hence, they see it as a hindrance.
After the initial learning curve (some online software are easy and intuitive), your team members will take a liking to the management software.
Show your concerned team members how this management software can actually make collaboration and management easy.
Show them how it can easily save them an hour a day, leading to 30 hours of free time for the month! If you want to be wildly successful as a project manager, you have to use the right tools and you have to lead your team.
Keep in mind that your online project management tool or software is only as good as its users!

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