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Game Ideas for a Preschool Birthday Party

    • Preschoolers have lots of energy.preschooler image by Lisa Eastman from

      Preschoolers have lots of energy and small attention spans. Select quick birthday party games with easy to understand instructions. You may need to demonstrate how to play the game or repeat directions several times. To avoid hurt feelings, choose games that can be played several times until each child earns a prize. There are several options for preschool birthday party games that require minimal preparation and are sure to be a hit.

    Balloon Target

    • In this game, preschoolers aim their balloons at a target. Hang a party-themed target on the wall. For example, if the party has a dog theme, hang a large dog poster on to the wall. Place a piece of masking tape on the floor 5 feet from the target. Preschoolers will stand behind this line. Give each child a different colored balloon to blow up. Smaller children may need help with this. When you say "go" the children let go of their balloons, pointing them toward the target. Hand out stickers to those that reach the target. Play this game until it is time to move on to the next activity.

    Parcel Pass

    • Parcel Pass combines a fun preschool game and a sweet treat. Wrap candy in tissue paper. Put one piece of candy in each layer of the paper. Organize preschoolers into a circle. Play a child friendly song on a stereo and as the music is playing, tell the children to pass the parcel of candy. Stop the music and the child holding the parcel may unwrap one layer of the paper and keep the candy. Continue playing this game until the entire parcel is unwrapped. Give all the children a chance to unwrap the parcel by stopping the music for a child who was not yet received a piece of candy.

    Animal Partner

    • Preschoolers act like animals in Animal Partner. Divide the children into two equal teams. If there are an uneven number of children, recruit a parent to play. Assign each player on team one an animal. Then assign the same animals to the players on team two. Do not let the teams hear what animal you assigned to each child. When you say "go" children will make their animal noise and try to find the the same animal on the other team. This game ends when each player has found his animal pair.

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