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Fiberglass Swimming Pools - The Negative Aspects

If you've done research on the very popular fiberglass pool you have certainly read about their wonderful benefits.
The most talked about is of course how sturdy and lifelong these models of pools are.
The articles you read or the people you talked to have no doubt mentioned these facts, as well as others involving how quick they'll be installed and without major construction.
While these are all very true and beneficial facts, they don't touch on some of the negative aspects of this type of pool.
While pools made of fiberglass have many awesome features, there are still certain cons which might make you second guess choosing one to be placed onto your property.
A very immediate con that you should notice right off the bat is the immediate price that you'll be expected to pay.
While the pools install quicker than most others, this speedy process is immediately reflected in the upfront starting cost of the design.
One reason why people are at ease with paying so much up front is that down the line their fiberglass pool will probably save them more money long term than the competitors.
This is large in part to how resilient it is to damage and how it cuts costs on the chemicals that clean the pool.
Another unfortunate downside is that the shapes you are able to choose from aren't very complex or unique, instead you might be required to opt for a square or an oval which are quite commonplace these days.
This is largely due to how the pools are manufactured.
They are made in the factory a certain way and then shipped to your home for installation, which cuts back on how much control you'll have over the customization process.
This is a major problem for someone looking to add rocks and trees around their area to give it a very natural and calming feel.
But if you're looking for a small, oval shaped pool then this design will probably suit you fine, though.
In addition to the aforementioned problems, one thing that is also a huge hassle is winterizing your pool for the cold elements that might harm it.
A common practice is to empty the pool of water and this is seen as more difficult with fiberglass pools than most others.

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