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How to Treat Cedar Cladding

    • 1). Prepare cedar cladding for finishing if it's been exposed to the elements for two weeks or longer. This typically means sanding with 50- to 60-grit sandpaper, brushing with a stiff non-ferrous bristle brush and washing with a mild detergent. Textured cedar will not require sanding.

    • 2). Apply 100 percent acrylic paint to cedar after first applying a water-repellent preservative and primer. Allow the preservative to dry sufficiently before painting. If two coats of paint are required, allow extra time in cold or humid weather for drying.

    • 3). Apply water-based preservative as a finish only on bare wood unless it was previously treated with the same product. If it's the only finish, preservatives generally last one to two years.

    • 4). Apply oil-based penetrating stains or solid-color stains with a brush, roller or pad. Use primer first, then apply the paint. Two coats give better performance than one, especially if applied after a primer.

    • 5). Clean discolored cedar cladding with a mild detergent. Mildew requires more aggressive cleaning with a mildew cleansing agent. Bleach is harmful to the wood surface. Commercial products are available for cedar siding to brighten, clean and restore the wood's surface.

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