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Choosing the Perfect Light Fixture for Your Victorian-Style Bedroom

A Victorian-style bedroom means a room that offers a romantic ambiance with colorful elements that make the overall appearance interestingly charming and feminine.
It should capture and reflect centuries-old style and decoration.
In today's world marked by contemporary design and style, a Victorian-style bedroom is easily achieved by including old adornments with minor modifications and adjustments.
The room does not necessarily have to look 'old' but it should blend well with some modern trimmings.
A Victorian-decorated bedroom should be a perfect romantic retreat place for you when you need to escape the noise and clutter of the real world.
It will definitely feel good to be in a warmly-lit cozy bedroom which can remind you of life's little pleasures.
As there are those who are particularly fond of Victorian-style and who want a sense of royalty and opulence, a Victorian-style decorated bedroom will be a perfect style choice.
And when decorating to achieve Victorian-style, every decoration component should complement each other in order to get the desired look.
Wall and floor colors, furniture, lighting fixture, fabric, patterns and artworks are to blend well to achieve the Victorian luxurious elegance and romantic aura.
In order to provide the right effects and mood, choosing the perfect lighting fixture for integration into the design concept is critical and important.
A Victorian lighting effect can be derived from lamps with flower-painted base adorned with synthetic jewels or pearls.
You can also choose corner lamps with glass covers in bright blue or emerald green colors to give the vibrant effect.
Choose bedside lamp shades that have a rose or buttercup pattern to match the wall paper.
And if the bedroom area will allow it, adorn the ceiling with a small silver chandelier with synthetic crystals to perfectly mimic the Victorian-style grandeur and charm.
Others may prefer light fixtures made of crystal, brass or porcelain with ornate designs.
A subtle and romantic ambience is achieved by using yellow light instead of the regular white light.
Proper lighting can draw the attention to the surrounding bedroom furniture by using different lamp styles - lamps with fabric shades, tall corner floor lamps, all in amber colored light.
A typical Victorian-style bedroom will have lamps all over the room to give selective-area lighting much like what you see in a typical hotel room.
Ceiling lights are not much used as one can just lit up the bedside lamp for reading, or the floor lamp for general lighting.
Bedroom chandeliers most often than not serve the decorative elements only.
In choosing the light fixture for your Victorian-style bedroom, aim for minimalism.
Wall lamps with intricate base designs can add to the effect.
Candlesticks with dangling crystals can elegantly set the romantic mood.
Bronze or crystal pendant lighting can also enhance the style.
Whatever you pick, just make sure that when you turn on a lamp or a pendant lighting, the room will transcend into the Victorian era and exude that aura of elegance, luxury and lavishness.
Stay close to the furniture style or design in order to create a cohesive and well-coordinated design effect in your bedroom.

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