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How to Have a Polynesian Themed Wedding

    • 1). Hold your Polynesian themed wedding on a beach. You can choose a destination wedding spot, like Hawaii, or plan to celebrate at a local beach. You're also going to want to pick a summer date for the Polynesian themed wedding.

    • 2). Choose traditional Polynesian dress clothes. During a Polynesian wedding celebration, the bride and groom wear pareos. This cloth wraps around the body and can include decorative touches, like bright colors and flower accents.

    • 3). Plan to include some Polynesian traditions into your wedding ceremony. You can find out Polynesian wedding customs on the site The Knot. For example, the bride and groom exchange leis and then kiss one another during the ceremony. You can also ask guests to repeat traditional Polynesian chants throughout the ceremony. Another tradition is to choose Polynesian names for the bride, groom and their future children.

    • 4). Decorate the reception area with island touches. Spread out tiki torches, flowers, palm plants and more around your reception spot. You can place tropical flower arrangements upon each table.

    • 5). Serve Polynesian themed foods. You'll serve heavier dishes at your Polynesian themed wedding. Typical fare includes roasted pork, spare ribs, pineapple chicken and vegetable skewers. For your cake, you may want to choose a tropical fruit flavor, like pineapple or coconut.

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